The aims of our Association

The purpose of the Association shall be to assist its members by:

  1. enabling them, through mutual help and at minimum cost, to acquire and
    improve their computer and electronic communication skills;
  2. providing them with facilities pursuant to this aim;
  3. providing a setting for the interchange, in an atmosphere of fellowship and enjoyment, of computer and communications knowledge, skills and ideas;
  4. enabling members to keep up with developments in the use of computers and technology so that they continue to participate in this aspect of modern life, thereby contributing to their self-confidence and self esteem;
  5. providing regular meetings, activities and training sessions pursuant to attaining the above;
  6. striving at all times to gain and retain the approval of the local community as a worthwhile Organisation contributing to the quality of life within the community.
  7. developing and maintaining their intellectual, cultural and social interests.

*Extract from the Port Macquarie Seniors Computer Group Constitution.
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