Five word horizontal borders you can apply as you type

Word offers a variety of border styles you can use to separate or set off areas in a document. You can apply them automatically with these keyboard tricks.

Open a MS Word document and type in a sentence or paragraph. Now you want to separate that from the next section.
Press the Enter Button
Type three hyphens ---
Now press Enter again
You should have a straight line across your page.
If you prefer a thicker line use the _ underscore type three times and press Enter.
For a double line use the = equal button, type three times and press Enter
For a wavy line use the ~ tilde button (this button is above the tab button)remember to type three times and press Enter.
For a dotted line use the * asterisk, type three times and press Enter
Finally a very nice effect can be obtained by typing # three times and pressing Enter.

Now lets have a look at OPEN OFFICE.

There is not quite so much variety in Open Office. However you can still get your straight line with the hyphen.
Use the underscore symbol for a thicker line
Use the equals sign for a double line
Remember to type the symbols three times and then press enter.

Prepared by Peggy