Setting up your Letterhead using a Macro (MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007 and Open Office)

MS Word 2003.

1. Open a new document in MS Word 2003.
2. Go to Tools/Macro/record new macro. You will see a box with Macro #1 in it. Replace this with a name for your macro such as letterhead. Please note the name cannot have spaces and must be one continuous name.

3. Click on the "Toolbar" symbol. Click close.

4. The Macro recorder symbol appears on screen. Type in your name, address and anything else you wish to place in the letterhead. Do not use the mouse to navigate, use the enter key and the arrows.

5. To format the text, so that it sits where you wish on the letterhead, and to have the text in the size and colour you wish: hold down Ctrl + A to select the text.

6. Format the text as you wish.

7. Your Macro is still running at this stage, Click on the Stop recording button in the Macro box to stop the macro (it is a small blue box)

8. Go to Tools/Customize/Commands/Macros (Macros is a long way down the list right under "all commands".) Click on Macros, find the Macro you have just named and drag it to the toolbar. It will appear with a symbol and the name of the macro. Place it wherever you want it on the toolbar.

9. Click "Modify Selection" then "Change Button image". Select from the buttons (icons) provided and click on it. It will appear in the toolbar beside your macro.

10. Click "Modify Selection" again. This time choose "Default Style". The text in your Macro on the toolbar will disappear, leaving only the button image.

11. Close the document without saving.

12. Reopen Word and click the icon representing your Macro. It should open your letterhead.

MS Word 2007.

1. Open MS word 2007

2. Go to View on the ribbon, click Macros, Record Macro

3. In the Macro Name box, type a name for your Macro. You cannot have spaces in the name. In the description box type a description of your macro.

4. Create a button to assign to your Macro, which will appear on the Quick Access Toolbar) Click Button

5. Under the Customize Quick Access Toolbar (which is the right hand side of this section) select the document (or all documents) for which you want to add the macro to the Quick Access Toolbar. Set to "For all documents" (default)

6. Under "Choose commands" (which is on the left side of this window) click the name of the macro which you are recording, and then click Add.

7. To customize the button click "Modify"

8. Choose a symbol which you would like to use for your macro, click the symbol.

9. In the Display name box, type the name that you want to display when the mouse hovers over your symbol in the toolbar.

10. Click O.K. and then O.K. again.

11. Now type in your name, address and any other details you wish to place in your letterhead.

12. We now have to format the text.

13. Firstly hold down Ctrl + A to highlight the text.

14. Go to "Home" on the ribbon

15. Format the Text as you wish to see your letterhead.

16. Return to "View" on the ribbon/click Macros/Click Stop Recording.

17. Close the document without saving.

18. Now when you open Word and click the icon representing your macro which is on the Quick Access toolbar) your letterhead should appear.

Open Office.

1. Open Writer.

2. Choose Tools/Macros/Record Macro. You will see a small recording box with just one button which reads stop recording.

3. Type your name and address and any other material you wish to place into the address of your letterhead.

4. Hold down Ctrl + A to select all of the text.

5. Format your text using the normal buttons on the toolbar.

6. Click "STOP Recording".

7. The macro dialogue box appears where you can save your Macro.

8. Select an object where you want to save your macro.

9. Give your Macro a name by typing it in the text box.

10. Click save.

There are limitations on a Macro in Open Office; it will only open in the program it is written in i.e. Writer and not a Database, or calc.

To open the Macro

Open Writer (this is where we wrote the macro)

Choose tools/Macros/click the name of your macro/click run.

The macro should open.

Have fun, Peggy