What is podcasting?
Podcasting is a convenient way of automatically downloading audio or video files to your computer.
You can then play this audio or video on your computer or transfer the files to a portable MP3 or video player.
'Podcast' generally refers to audio. 'Video Podcast' (or 'Vodcast') refers to the distribution of video files in the same manner.
This is another use for your MP3 Player. The ABC and other sites have some very interesting subjects which can be downloaded in Podcasting format which is MP3.(We will use the ABC for this exercise)
Firstly make a folder in Documents (My Documents XP) to save any podcasts in.
Click here to go to ABC
On the right hand side of the site, you will note a section called "radio". You can listen or podcast.
Click the podcast channel you wish to visit.
You will be presented with a list to choose from. When you have chosen your subject Right Click on it and then Click Save as. Find the folder (which you made earlier) where you wish to save the podcast and click save.
You can now play the podcast on your computer, or transfer it to your MP3 Player and play through the earphones, or even better, if you have a FM Transmitter play it in your car whilst travelling along at some later time.

Enjoy. Peggy