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On this page you will notice a number of "boxes". Each contains a link to another page which contains useful information about computers or programs.

Please click on an item to read the contents. When you have finished click on the back button in the top left hand corner of your browser to return to this page.

Linking iPhones and Androids to PC
Copy and paste Copy and print from the Internet Searching the Internet Setting up a computer for the Visually Challenged Podcasts
Horizontal Word Borders you can apply as you type PDF format. Why do I need it? Adjusting text size on the screen Shortcuts Setting up a letterhead using a Macro
CROSSWORD PUZZLES Formatting Text Link to download Apophysis program Printing from the Edge pdf browser How to setup Groups in windows 10 Mail
Resize an image in gimp
Downloading - Run or Save
eReaders and eBooks Online Storage

32bit and 64bit
Setting up a Desktop page for visitors and children
Getting a Microsoft Account/ID How to protect and secure documents Using Telstra Mail in Windows 10 Mail

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